Federal homeland security raid in Atkins


Federal Homeland Security Agents conducted a raid on the former Sav-a-Sum market at 810 W. Main St. in Atkins, Wednesday, Aug. 10.Atkins Police assisted in the action, in which the federal agents wore black

SWAT gear and had a helicopter circling overhead. They removed several large boxes of evidence and items from the building owned by Richard Bartman. Bartman had been taken into custody earlier in the day by the Atkins Police Department.

Bartman had been cited by Atkins Police Department in the past for a messy lot but had removed most of the items, which included wrecked sports cars. The Atkins Chronicle contacted Homeland Security who promises a news release in the future. It has not been released what Bartman has been charged with.



  1. Atkins would like to know what you confiscated from Barton Way of Atkins Arkansas have the right of citizens to know what was in our town

  2. Nunaurbeeswax on

    There is something we are not being told here, or, this is a ridiculous heavy-handed Federal display of power! Really? Do you need a Helo and SWAT team to arrest a 79 year old kiddie porn guy? What did this cost taxpayers? A couple of million? Oh, and the guy had already been picked up, without a gun battle or IED’s exploding next door to the day-care center! Now he is being held without bond. Must be the most dangerous 79 year old on earth except perhaps Osama Bin Laden. And his previous crimes included having an unsightly property! Wow, why didn’t they just drop a HellFire missile from a high flying drone. I mean, if he was so dangerous why risk a chopper? Heck he might had had an anti-aircraft battery or SAMs on the roof! This is Obama’s America now with guilty until proven innocent Police State Power used for non-violent offenders but NEVER for BLM thugs setting fire to cities or dragging white people out of cars. Vote carefully folks, what’s left of your few freedoms depends on it !

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